creative works, Poetry

Burn – Spoken Word Poem

i know his common ignorance
his wickedness
the wretched pull of his hand
she knows as well as i
greater, easier
she trembles for his mercy
and subdues her pain
she is quiet
like a candle burning on a stone wall
but suffocates her flame in the suffocation of her body
he knows his own power
and utilises his might in selfish evil
he is the stone wall that the candle clings to
the small fire, trying, using everything it has
to light up the stone
to light up the stone- make it bright
to light up the stone- see it burn, make it explode
but stone cannot burn by strength of a candle.
though it will become hot.
heat, surpass warm, until only burning anger remains
the candle can only blame itself.
and in shame, exhausts her own fire
until there is
at all.


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