creative works, Poetry

That Island

getting over someone by liking someone else is like being lost at sea for months and finally coming upon a deserted island.

you see the island as your paradise, finally, you will get land, you will get stability, but once you’re there, you realise there is nothing for you

because that island doesn’t have her eyes. it doesn’t have her laugh or her wit. it doesn’t have the feeling of home that she always carries

that island is beautiful, yes, but it is only being worshipped for its outer beauty

you will never know who has previously visited the island, who has loved it, who has stepped too far and fallen off of it, yet still you enjoy the comfort of ignorance

whether or not the island wants to welcome you, because you have already been rejected by the mainland and now you just need whatever sliver of hope you can get

because the mainland doesn’t want you to stay

you will see it in a distance, so close, with shining circles of bright blue, sparkling whenever you mention science or musicals. you will hear her laugh, the soft comfort of her voice telling you “i am here.” you will dream of those words staying with you forever but you know they never will so you go back
to focusing
on the island
and though, you try to think about moving back to the mainland
every, single, day,
you try harder
not to


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