creative works, Poetry

She Is One, Too

*Note: This poem is a sequel to “She Sees Him.” Find it here:

she sees him like a book
but only because
she is one too, though,
she is a library book.
passed around
she was never anyone’s.
who keeps a library book for months?
it’s no wonder she was returned to her shelf.
he formed her new analysis
gave her new meaning
and when he was done, put her back
she wonders why she is never kept
little does she know, her barcode scares people away
fun to have for a short while
impossible to keep for long
she is not held at much value,
and doubts she can even keep herself for long
her pages yellowing, her spine breaking
too broken to be restored
and visitors will continue to tear her apart
until she is no longer fit to be on the shelf at all.


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